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Moldova: Appeal No. MAAMD002 - Annual Report 2010

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This report covers the period 01/01/2010 to 31/12/2010

Programme outcome: The National Society programmes are aligned with the strategic aims of the Strategy 2020 to save lives, protect livelihoods, and strengthen recovery from disasters and crises; enable healthy and safe living; and promote social inclusion and culture of non-violence and peace.
The capacity-building efforts are in line with the enabling action one to build strong National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

Programme(s) summary: During 2010 the National Society received funds to help people affected by disasters and for programs related to organisational development, health and care.

Compared with 2009 the total number of natural emergencies in 2010 increased by 41.62% (48 to 68). Heavy rains and flooding in July 2010 have directly affected 12,000 people. The most affected district is Hincesti where 700 houses have been destroyed. Through this emergency operation,
Moldova Red Cross distributed humanitarian aid to 1,600 families amounting to 6,400 people in six branches. The National Society organised a campaign in the big supermarkets, where food, money and hygiene kits were collected and distributed later to the affected families.

The National Society received funds from IFRC to run a pilot project focusing on pandemic influenza (H2P) preparedness and response: totally 3,482 people were reached through activities and services by visiting nurses. A total of 1,580 persons benefited from medical assistance and psychosocial support. Additionally 1,902 persons received social assistance and 4,123 people received presents donated throughout the program” Two times Christmas”.

In HIV/AIDS the National Society organised 100 information education campaigns (IECs) to raise the awareness of the population. In first-aid activities the Estonian Red Cross facilitated training for 13 trainers in April.

In National Society development a Federation special advisor started his one year mission in the National Society in June 2010. The key task for the advisor is to support capacity building processes while at the same time being integrated with the National Society. The IFRC granted the National Society funding through the Federation Capacity Building Fund (CBF) to support the creation of partnerships with local communities and strengthening of local branches and volunteers’ network.
The implementation of the programme was postponed due to the situation and operation after the floods. It is promising that the National Society improved its financial reporting capacity and now met the criteria by international donors. Narrative reports made substantial progress as well.

Financial situation: The total for 2010 was CHF 245,851 of which CHF 254,784 (104 per cent) covered during the reporting period (including opening balance). Expenditure was CHF 200,931 (78 per cent) against funding . The 2010 budget was increased from initially CHF 100,000 due to increased funding.

Our partners: The Italian Red Cross provided support through IFRC to the Moldova country plan. Support and cooperation also came from the Japanese Red Cross, the Swiss Red Cross, the Bulgarian RC, the Spanish Red Cross, The Egypt Red Crescent and United Arab Emirates Red Crescent. Moreover the Moldova Red Cross works closely with the Centre for Civil Protection and Emergency Situations, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Social Protection,
Ngo’s and local authorities. Being interested in the region, the Norwegian Red Cross decided on the 23 rd of August to contribute to the floods emergency operation with approximately CHF 78,553.