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FAO/GIEWS Special Alert No. 350: East Africa, 27 September 2022

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Unless humanitarian assistance is urgently scaled up, famine is expected in late 2022 due to unprecedented multi‑season drought


  • Famine is expected to occur in Bay Region between October and December 2022, if humanitarian assistance is not urgently scaled up.

  • About 6.7 million people, over 40 percent of the total population, are projected to face severe acute food insecurity, including over 300 000 people in IPC Phase 5 (Catastrophe).

  • The dire food insecurity situation is the consequence of a prolonged drought that began in late 2020, compounded by the protracted conflict and hikes in international prices of foodstuffs and fuel caused by the war in Ukraine.

  • As meteorological forecasts point to below-average October–December 2022 “Deyr” rains, food security conditions are expected to deteriorate.