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Indonesia, M6.0 Earthquake in North Tapanuli Regency (North Sumatra) (01 Oct 2022)

AHA Centre
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Sumatera Utara, Indonesia

Event Date : Sat, 01 Oct 2022

AHADID : AHA-EQ-2022-001052-IDN | GLIDE Number :

Impact Update Date : Sat, 01 Oct 2022 02:28:00


Tapanuli Utara


Magnitude : 6.0 SR

Date : 01-Oct-2022

Earthquake Time : 02:28:41 WIB

Latitude : 2.13 LU

Longitude : 98.89 East Longitude

Depth : 10 Km


Magnitude: 5.1 SR

Date : 01-Oct-2022

Earthquake Time : 02:50:35 WIB

Latitude : 2.05 LU

Longitude : 98.99 East Longitude

Depth : 10 Km

Magnitude: 5.0 SR

Date : 01-Oct-2022

Earthquake Time : 03:37:40 WIB

Latitude : 2.03 LU

Longitude : 98.97 East Longitude

Depth : 10 Km


Kab. Tapanuli Utara

• Kec. Tarutung : Ds. Sosunggulon, Ds. Parbaju Toruan, Ds. Siraja Oloan. Ds. Hapoltahan, Ds. Parbaju Julu, Ds. Siandorandor, Ds. Hutatoruan V, Ds. Hutatoruan X, Ds. Parbubu Pea, Ds. Hutatoruan VII, Ds. Parbubu Dolok, Ds. Partali Julu, Ds. Hutatoruan XI, Ds. Simamora

• Kec. Sipoholon : Ds. Situmeang Habinsaran, Ds. Hutauruk, Ds. Hutaraja, Ds. Hutaraja Hasundutan, Ds. Situmeang Hasundutan, Ds. Pagar Batu, Ds. Sipahutar, Ds. Rurajulu Toruan, Ds. Rurajulu Dolok, Ds. Simanungkalit, Ds. Hutaraja Simanungkalit, Ds. Tapian Nauli, Ds. Lobusingkam, Ds. Hutauruk Hasundutan

• Kec. Siatas Barita : Ds. Pansurnapitu, Ds. Sitompul, Ds. Sangkaran, Ds. Lumban Siagian Jae, Ds. Lumban Siagian Julu, Ds. Simorangkir Habinsaran, Ds. Enda Portibi, Ds. Simorangkir Julu, Ds. Siraja Hutagalung, Ds. Lobu Hole, Ds. Sidagal

• Kec. Parmonangan

• Kec. Pagaran : Ds. Banua Luhu, Ds. Sipultak, Ds. Pagaran 1 Sibaragas, Ds. Parhorboan, Ds. Dolok Saribu, Ds. Lumban Silintong, Ds. Lumban Inaina, Ds. Simamora Hasibuan, Ds. Hasibuan, Ds. Lubis, Ds. Strat Lapo, Ds. Sibirik, Ds. Onan Simbara, Ds. Sosor Sitamba, Ds. Peatingko 1, Ds. Sosor Talun, Ds. Simpang Tolu, Ds. Peatingko 2, Ds. Hutagurgur, Ds. Naga Timbul Sipultak, Ds. Matanggor, Ds. Bahal Bagot

• Kec. Pahae Jae : Ds. Sitoluompu, Ds. Pasar Sarulla

• Kec. Siborongborong : Ds. Sitabo-tabo, Ds. Pabiaran, Ds. Pariksabungan

• Kec. Pahae Julu : Ds. Lontung Dolok, Ds. Lumbah Garaga

• Kec. Sipahutar : Ds. Sipahutar

Effort :

• District Head. North Tapanuli together with BPBD and Forkopimda conducted a site check and a quick review

• BPBD personnel of North Tapanuli Regency together with all OPDs in North Tapanuli Regency are conducting emergency assistance and data collection related to the disaster that occurred.

• North Tapanuli BPBD has set up a tent at Tarutung Hospital

Latest Condition:

• Kab. BPBD personnel. North Tapanuli and related OPD are still conducting assessments.

• North Tapanuli BPBD has set up a tent at Tarutung Hospital

Urgent needs :

• Rapid review personnel

• Drone mapping team and others to Parmonangan sub-district

• Logistics assistance, blankets and gloves

• Tent

Constraint :

• The size of the area and limited personnel, resulting in delays in collecting data.

Informed By:
Complaint Number / Call Center : 117 (Toll Free)
Instagram : pusdalops_bnpb
Twitter : @Bnpbpusdalops