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UNHCR Guatemala Factsheet, Field Unit in Peten, September 2022

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Guatemala has a dynamic context of mixed movements as it is a country of origin, transit, destination and return of people with different profiles and needs. In addition, it has positioned itself as a destination country, welcoming more and more refugees and asylum-seekers.

In response to these flows of people in mixed movements, UNHCR has six field offices in the departments of: Peten, San Marcos, Izabal, Guatemala, Huehuetenango, and Chiquimula. UNHCR's Field Unit in Peten covers the entire department, which takes up around 31% of the country's territory.

In addition, Petén has three official borders (two with Mexico and one with Belize), making it a strategic department in terms of human mobility. In response, UNHCR and its partners have established 11 assistance points, with the support of mobile units that travel along the migration routes and host communities.