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Hurricane Fiona Situation Report #6, September 26, 2022

Puerto Rico (The United States of America)
Healthcare Ready
Publication date

This report provides an assessment of the impacts to healthcare and public health due to Hurricane Fiona.

Healthcare Ready’s Posture

Healthcare Ready is ENGAGED for the response to Hurricane Fiona and developing situation for Hurricane Ian (a separate situation report for Hurricane Ian will be sent in the coming days). We are closely tracking impacts to healthcare supply chain and healthcare access for both events. In addition to situation reporting, we are updating Rx Open daily to map open pharmacies in Puerto Rico and Florida. We are also sharing updates for responders and the public on social media: Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.


  • Approximately 42% of the island remains without power. Power restoration is concentrated in and around San Juan, while the most affected parts of the island remain without power. Restoration timelines for the rest of the island are not yet clear.
  • Around 84% of residents have had potable water restored as generators have been installed at water treatment plants and wells have been cleared of obstructions. Intermittent disruptions have been reported due to generator failures and pipes bursting.
  • All hospitals in Puerto Rico are operating, with 8 operating on generator power, a number that has been decreasing as the national power grid comes online.
  • As of 2 pm ET on September 26, roughly 76% of pharmacies are reporting as Open in Puerto Rico. Most remain on generator power.
    • Aibonito, Cabo Culebra, and Santa Isabel Municipios are reporting that fewer than 50% of pharmacies are open.
  • Since September 23, all dialysis clinics are operational.

High-Level Situation Summary

Puerto Rico has been heavily impacted by Hurricane Fiona. Parts of the island have experienced up to 27 inches of reported rainfall. As of September 26, there is no new information regarding Hurricane Ian’s potential to produce additional rainfall in southern Puerto Rico. As of September 26, an excessive heat warning remains in effect along the North coast of Puerto Rico from Toa Bajo to Arecibo. With many residents remaining without consistent power and air conditioning, risk of heat illness is increased.