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Together with the Kyiv State Oblast Administration and local authorities, UNHCR continues to provide humanitarian aid to people living in the war-affected communities of the Kyiv oblast

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Over the past two weeks alone, more than 3,400 items, including winterized items like mattresses, blankets, pillows, and also kitchen sets and hygiene products – were delivered to the residents of Kachaly village to meet their basic needs. In addition, the community received women’s bicycles and wheelchairs for people with disabilities. These items will be distributed among the vulnerable people living in the village through the local authorities.

Repair work is ongoing in the community. Residents are rebuilding their homes both with the help of local authorities and humanitarian programs run by f international organizations, like UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency. UNHCR, as part of its collective humanitarian response, is working closely with local authorities to coordinate and collaborate its interventions, in particular as winter approaches.

UNHCR’s partner organization Rokada, conducted a preliminary assessment of damaged houses that can be restored through light and medium repairs – this year, in preparation for winter. People, whose homes were damaged can find out whether they are eligible to take part in the UNHCR’s shelter programme through their local community leaders.