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A Roadmap for Collective Action to Enhance the Integration of Cash and Voucher Assistance within Gender-Based Violence Programming in Northwest Syria (June 2022) [EN/AR]

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This case study highlights the practical importance of coordination between CVA and GBV actors at all levels and shows how working in silos is detrimental to assisting to the fullest extent possible women and girls affected by GBV. It documents the conditions that led to the creation of a joint taskforce (TF) in Northwest Syria (NWS) to tackle this gap and the challenges faced by the TF, as well as the programmatic and operational learning from the coordination process. It also offers specific recommendations for stakeholders to build on the work of the TF to date in NWS.

Many of the challenges around integrating CVA into GBV programming experienced in NWS are mirrored in other response contexts. Thus, the learning and recommendations in this case study are also relevant for stakeholders in the MENA region and beyond.