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Reuniting Families: Opportunities and Challenges for Refugees in Turkey

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Forced migration takes a heavy toll on families, frequently separating parents from their children, spouses from their loved ones, and siblings from one another. However, with refugee families often spread across international borders, the complexity of reuniting families often prevents advocates from offering assistance.

This report analyzes family reunification opportunities and practicalities in one of the world’s largest refugee hosting contexts: Turkey. Derived from first-hand experience and analysis by Refugee Rights Turkey (RRT) and the Refugee Solidarity Network (RSN), the report identifies a number of important observations and lessons learned, highlighting the complexities involved in providing support for such cases and includes recommendations to facilitate greater access to family unity for refugees and others facing forced displacement. More broadly, the report aims to contribute to global discussions on support for refugee host communities and mechanisms for international responsibility-sharing by highlighting the critical role that family reunification has to play as a durable solution to forced displacement.