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Somalia: Population Movement from Laascaanood - Final Report, DREF Operation n° MDRSO012

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Description of the disaster

On 2nd and 3rd October 2021, hundreds of families were displaced from Laascanood in the Sool Region of Somaliland, after being arrested and evicted from Somaliland soil by the Somaliland Government. Most of the evicted people are originally from the Southwest State (SWS), Hirshabelle, and Banadir regions, and a feware from Ethiopia.

While there were initially concerns that more than 10,000 people potentially would be displaced, the total number of people reported to be displaced, from Laascanood was over 7,250 according to UNHCR’s Protection and Return Monitoring Network (PRM), as cited by OCHA in the flash update #3 from 14 October. According to the Puntland Ministry of Interior (MoI), approximately 3,800 of the people evicted arrived in Gaalkacyo and Harfo in the Mudug Region of Puntland between the 3rd and 5th of October 2021. Of these 3,800 people, approximately 1,000 people were supported by the Puntland and SWS authorities with onward transportation, mainly to their place of origin in SWS, Hirshabelle and Banadir. Some individuals moonwardards on their own accord or settled with relatives in Gaalkacyo.

Many IDPs initially arrived in Dusmada, on the outskirts of northern Gaalkacyo before being relocated elsewhere. The Puntland Government allocated an area near the village of Jehdin to the east of Gaalkacyo for the remaining 2,800 IDPs to settle in. Jehdin is located approximately 16 kilometres from the city of Gaalkacyo, and the land allocated had no shelter or water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) facilities at the time of the IDP’s arrival. The SRCS, the Puntland Government and other humanitarian partners responded to the needs of the IDPs in the Jehdin settlement, including protection services, water, shelter, food, health, and other necessities.

On 23rd October 2021, Somalia Red Crescent Society (SRCS) launched a DREF operation to provide assistance to the identified 2,800 people affected by the forceful expulsion who had settled in Jehdin outside Gaalkacyo, by providing the needed assistance such as emergency shelter, essential household items, basic health services all integrated with Protection, Gender and Integration (PGI) services.