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IRNA Report: Pochalla county - GPAA, 19th September 2022.

South Sudan
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Key Highlights:

  • Communities in Pochalla experienced worst floods this year cause by overflowing of river Akobo and Oboth affecting settlement along its banks and the downstream areas which flooded 5 Payams with over 75 villages flooded.

  • Large swathes of standing crops – maize and cassava are inundated with water and the community run the risk of significant crop failure and loss of first season harvest.

  • Living areas in the homesteads have been inundated with water, which have flooded into tukuls many of which have collapsed, as they were just built with mud and had no foundation. This has led many families to move on to higher grounds or to neighbouring villages into churches and relative houses while other stayed behind with nowhere to relocate with their properties.

  • A total of 5221 HHs have been affected in both Counties of Pochalla south and north.

  • About 5 health centers have been submerged in water with some drugs spoilt as results of the floods, the cool chain in the health centers have also been affected especially in Ajwara, Otalla, Ojangbai and obudi PHCC.

  • 1 woman of 49 year drowned in Akiela payam and unfortunately, she did not survive.

  • The situation is likely to deteriorate in the coming months as the usual seasonal flooding is expected in September to October 2022.

  • 2 cases of snake bites have been reported pochalla town since the start of the flood and the 2 survived after been locally treated -Pochalla hospital has anti-venom which will be used incase of further incidences.

  • In terms of emergency humanitarian needs, NFI, shelter kits are the immediate need for the HHs whose structures collapsed due to the floods. Food, water and hygiene, and health services also needed.

  • Long term recommendation would be comprehensive Community Managed Disaster Risk Reduction approach to avail the communities with the insight of potential risk and subsequent development of Community Action Plan including their own contribution.