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WASH indicators and activities guideline for regional monitoring

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The WASHLAC regional group, with the objective of strengthening coordination and information management capacities for WASH platforms and sectors, and advocating compliance with the minimum WASH requirements for proper coordination and information management, reviewed the response activities reported on reporting platforms. In this review, some inconsistencies were observed when reporting, which may affect monitoring, follow-up, as well as analysis of the response and service provision provided by partners and the WASH sector.

Within the regional monitoring framework for humanitarian response and development, the objectives and sectoral indicators are key for the analysis and reporting processes of response activities carried out. A correct activity reporting process is essential for the follow-up and definition of strategies of the national sectors. For this reason, the reporting process conducted by sector organizations must consider not only the use of the platform, but also the understanding of the indicators and their proper reporting in relation to the associated activities. This guide presents the links between: sectoral results objectives, indicators and a list of suggested associated activities.