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WFP Iraq Country Brief, July 2022

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In Numbers

256,176 people assisted in July 2022

US$3.2 m cash-based transfers made

US$44.2 m six months (August 2022-Jan 2023) net funding requirements

Operational Updates

• In July, WFP provided cash and food assistance to 184,091 internally displaced persons (IDPs), 68,725 refugees, and 3,360 people from vulnerable communities through resilience building initiatives.

• In early July 2022, the Ambassador of Japan in Iraq visited WFP’s resilience projects in Anbar, funded by Japan. The visit provided an opportunity for Japan to receive a firsthand account of the impact of the projects which rehabilitated 24 pumping and sewage drainage stations.
The stations continue to support 37,500 hectares of land enabling communities to grow and harvest crops.

• In July, WFP handed over mechanized farming equipment (tractors) to the Directorate of Ninewa to support small holder farmers in the governorate and enhance the agricultural sector in Ninewa. The Directorate of Ninewa oversees Al-Hamdaniya, Al-Ba’aj,
Tal-Afar and Sinjar areas where the majority of the farmers are vulnerable with limited financial capacity.
With the availability of the tractors (free of charge), the smallholder farmers will be empowered to revitalize their lands to generate income and support their livelihoods and families.

• WFP is preparing for the implementation of the School Feeding programme (SFP) with the Ministry of Education for the new academic year 2022/2023, that is expected to start in September.

• Data collection under the WFP retargeting exercise across its entire beneficiary base continued in the month of July. The exercise seeks to ensure that the most vulnerable families who are unable to survive without assistance continue to receive support to meet their needs. Results will be verified and issued once the targeting exercise is concluded.

• In July, the conflict sensitivity team conducted a mission to Thi-qar, Basra and Muthana to assess the social cohesion component of the resilience programme. This mission took place to ensure WFP resilience activities are conducted in conflict- sensitive manner.