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Response to fire incident at the Matanzas Industrial Zone Situation Report No. 06 from the Resident Coordinator Office, (August 11th, 2022)

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This report has been prepared by the Resident Coordinator Office of the United Nations System in Cuba. It covers the period from 15:00 p.m. on August 10th to 12:00 p.m. on August 11th (local time).


  • Authorities confirm the fire has been controlled. The flames in tanks 1 and 2 have been extinguished. The work is concentrated in tank 3.

  • Radar and satellite confirm the decrease in gas emissions in the area.

  • 4A firefighter, who was in critical condition with a high level of burns has died.

  • The number of injured people increased to 130 patients. 23 people remain hospitalized. 4 patients remain in critical condition, 2 in serious condition and 17 patients remain in care.

  • 14 people remain missing. Specialized doctors will work to identify the victims.

  • 4744 people remain evacuated, almost 1000 of them in state institutions.

  • According to the Minister of Science, Technology and the Environment, there is evidence that environmental pollution indicators have decreased. Air quality continues to be monitored.