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Global Humanitarian Overview 2022, July Update (Snapshot as of 31 July 2022)

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The GHO 2022, launched on 2 December 2021, required $41 billion to assist 194 million of the 296 million people in need in 69 countries. Since then, needs and requirements have grown to $46.7 B to assist 203.7 million of the 305.9 million people in need around the world.

As of 5 August, recorded funding for the GHO 2022 reached $13.8 billion or 30 per cent of needs. GHO funding is significantly higher in absolute terms than at the end of July 2021 ($10.0 billion), although it is similar in percentage terms (28 per cent). Still, the gap between requirements and funding is more than $32.9 billion, which is greater than ever. Furthermore, 28 out of the 41 plans in the GHO are funded below the global average, and an additional ten plans are funded below 50 per cent. For more details on amounts and coverage by plan, see charts on pages 10-11.

Total reported humanitarian funding for 2022 has reached $19.5 billion, continuing the record high monthly trends seen in previous months. While this is approximately two-thirds of the total amount of funding recorded last year ($29.5 billion), it is still significantly below the amount needed to meet the needs of people facing hunger, conflict, displacement, and the impacts of climate change around the globe.

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