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WFP El Salvador Country Brief June 2022

Date de publication

In Numbers

USD 665,886 of cash-based transfers made*

USD 5.7 m six months (July - December 2022) net funding requirements, representing 42% of the total

25,305 people assisted* in June 2022

*Preliminary numbers

Operational Updates

  • The WFP Executive Board approved the country strategic plan 2022-2027. WFP designed this Strategic Plan through a participatory process with the Government, United Nations agencies, and other partners. Over the next five years, the aim is to strengthen food and nutrition security, contribute to sustainable food systems and promote employment opportunities for youth at risk of irregular migration.

  • WFP distributed cash to 14,000 people (62 percent women) affected by multiple emergencies. The assistance supports them to cover immediate food needs.

  • WFP strengthened the early warning system of San Salvador by equipping the Directorate General of Civil Protection with a video surveillance system. The system allows activating immediate response protocols in the event of increased water flows during heavy rainfalls. This emergency preparedness effort benefits over 28,000 people in the urban area.

  • WFP strengthened the capacity of the 14 staff members of the Gender Result Network. This net is an institutional mechanism that aims to facilitate the integration of gender equality into WFP’s operation. The training focused on the objectives of the 2022 gender policy: (1) achieving equitable access to food security and nutrition; (2) addressing the root causes of gender inequalities; and (3) advancing the economic empowerment of women and girls.