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Iraq CCCM Cluster IM Transition Strategy, August 2022

CCCM Cluster
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This document outlines the CCCM information management transition strategy for formal camps and informal sites in the context of ongoing humanitarian transition and Cluster phase out by end of 2022. The Humanitarian Coordinator notes that the Government of Iraq is functional, and the responsibility lies with them to step in and provide services for camp and out of camp populations. The CCCM Cluster’s overarching aim for IM transition is to transfer critical knowledge, documents, data collection, analysis, tools, and products to cluster lead agencies.

The two cluster lead agencies - UNHCR, and IOM will take the lead for the transition of camps and informal sites respectively, though in different capacities. UNHCR will continue to support the remaining 25 camps that are administered by KRG authorities, while IOM will focus on one camp under federal Iraq and the informal sites with CCCM presence across the country.