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Drought Displacement Monitoring Dashboard (July 2022)

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The number of drought-related displacements since January 2021 has exceeded 1 million (1,002,796 people). During the month of July, 83,518 people were displaced by drought, a 26 per cent decrease compared to the previous month. Most new arrivals have been observed in Bay region (40 per cent), followed by Banadir and Gedo regions (19 and 15 per cent respectively). This contrasts with June movements, when the capital region received 60 per cent of the new arrivals. Of the new arrivals in Bay region, 99 per cent originated from within the region. This is in contrast to Banadir region where 79 per cent of the IDPs have arrived from Lower Shabelle, as well as Gedo region, where 40 per cent of the movements originated in Bay, 34 per cent from Bakool and 21 per cent were intra-regional.

Countrywide, half of the departure movements originated from Bay region and 16 per cent from Lower Shabelle region.
On average, 63 per cent of the movements were intra-regional. These displacement patterns were opposite to June, when 72 per cent of the movements were extra-regional. This shift was driven by the reduction of movements toward the capital region.

The data in this snapshot comes from the Protection and Return Monitoring Network (PRMN) and is collected through Key Informant interviews. As a result, the findings should be considered as estimates.

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