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Angola: Participatory Assessment Report 2021

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UNHCR Angola conducted a participatory assessment (PA) between 18th and 27th October 2021.
This study is conducted using a qualitative method by organizing 32 focus group discussions. The study used the Age, Gender, and Diversity approach. Children (age 10-17), adults (age 18-39), and older persons (40 above) were targeted in this PA. Not only age, gender was also considered: women and men had separate discussions. In addition, various nationalities were considered. In this PA PoCs from 9 nationalities were reached out.

This PA was conducted in collaboration with staff members from Jesuit Refugee Service and Dom Bosco. The FGDs were conducted in community centres in Bairro Popular and Viana in Luanda.

The purpose of this PA is to feed into the programming for 2022 by assessing the gaps, needs, and proposed solutions by refugee community. The topics discussed in this PA are: security, GBV, PSN, child protection, access to basic services including education, livelihood, health, and WASH, and access to protection services. Questionnaires were developed separately for children and adults (see Annex 2) to have coherence across the FGDs.

In this PA, the questions focused on revealing the root causes of issues, coping mechanism, and proposed solutions and did not focus on confirming the already known gaps as operational challenges including issues of documentation/registration and RSD.