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Horn of Africa (Ethiopia/Kenya/Somalia) – Extreme drought, risk of famine (DG ECHO, FAO, WFP, FSNWG) (ECHO Daily Flash of 05 August 2022)

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  • The 2022 March to June rainy season was extremely poor, with rainfall levels across much of the Horn of Africa region being among the lowest in the past 70 years. It was an historic fourth consecutive failed rainy season.

  • In Somalia, staple food prices have more than doubled or tripled, surpassing levels recorded during the 2011 famine. Cholera, measles, typhoid, and dysentery are on the rise with significant child mortality.

  • About 568,000 children were admitted for Severe Acute Malnutrition treatment in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia from January to June. Around 6.5 million children are projected to suffer from acute malnutrition in the three countries.

  • Estimates indicate that 18.6 to 21.1 million people face high levels of acute food insecurity due to the drought in the three countries. Parts of Somalia are facing a risk of famine through at least September.

  • Food Security and Nutrition Working group (FSNWG) currently estimates that between 23 - 26 million people could face high levels of acute food insecurity by February 2023 due primarily to the drought in the region, if the October to December rains fail.