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Afghanistan: Flash Update #3 - Flash Flooding in Central, Eastern, Southern, South-Eastern and Western Regions (5 August 2022)

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• Heavy rains and flash flooding have continued throughout July affecting several provinces in the eastern, southern, south-eastern, western and central regions.

• Between 24 July and 1 August, flash floods have reportedly killed 39 people across Daykundi (1),
Ghazni (10), Hirat (2), Kandahar (9), Khost (2), Laghman (1), Nangarhar (8) and Paktya (6) provinces. An additional 16 people have been injured in Ghazni (3), Nangarhar (11), and Paktya (2).

• The unseasonal rains have damaged or destroyed at least 1,206 houses in Farah (303), Ghazni (132),
Hirat (45), Nangarhar (126), Paktika (100), and Paktya (500) and affected more than 3,013 families across Bamyan (121), Ghor (4), Kandahar (503), Khost (325), Kunar (28), Laghman (22), Nangarhar (981), Uruzgan (750) and Zabul (279) provinces.

• Further disruption has been caused to livelihoods through the destruction of crops in Paktya (4,450 acres), Paktika (4,000 acres), Hirat (115 agricultural lands and 100 orchards trees) and Farah (420 acres and 750 orchard trees), while in Kunar, Laghman, Nangarhar and Nuristan provinces approximately 23,400 Jerib of agricultural land was damaged.
Also, loss of livestock in Hirat (195 heads of livestock), Farah (260 heads of livestock), Paktika (500 cattle) and Paktya (468 cattle), while roads and bridges and irrigation systems have also been impacted.

• Families assessed to date report needing emergency shelter, non-food items, food and water, sanitation, and hygiene support as an immediate priority.

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs: To learn more about OCHA's activities, please visit https://www.unocha.org/.