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Pacific Regional Cash Working Group (PRCWG): Terms of Reference Template

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Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA) continues to be an expanding modality for the delivery of humanitarian assistance in the [Type here]. Its role as an efficient, effective, and flexible mode of addressing the humanitarian needs during all stages of the disaster life cycle, the humanitarian partners have used CVA along with other modalities to support the lives of people affected by disasters, while strengthening livelihoods, markets and local economy or long-terms sustainable results in a dignified way. Contributing also to the recovery and resilience, CVA plays role in strengthening the local economy by using and supporting markets and aiming for system change. Add background on CVA

Humanitarian and development agencies have been using cash and voucher assistance as an assistance modality in [Type here] since [Type here]. The Cash Working group in [Type here] was established in [Type here]

The Cash Working Group (CWG) is a forum of humanitarian and development organizations to discuss technical and operational issues related to CVA professionals dedicated to the collective improvement of the quality of Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA) in [Type here]. The group will ensure technical, strategic coordination; as well as quality assurance in the design and implementation of CVAs, market assessments and monitoring, and cash feasibility assessments; capacity building of cash actors; and as part of accountability to the affected population. This platform also provides an opportunity for various CVA actors to collaborate, share issues for technical discussions, best practices and lessons learned.