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South Sudan Cholera Outbreak Situation Report: No. 012 (31 July 2022)

Soudan du Sud
Govt. South Sudan
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Highlights as of 31 July 2022

  • Three new cholera cases including one Rapid Diagnostic Test (RDT) positive reported from Bentiu Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) camp and Bentiu Town during week 30 (ending 31 July 2022).

  • 305 cholera cases including one death have been reported cumulatively.

  • Zero new deaths reported.

  • Zero case in admission cholera treatment units as of 31 July 2022.

  • No antisera in country to determine the serotype of the Vibrio Cholerae causing the outbreak in Rubkona county.

  • Inadequate coordination among response pillars at national and sub national levels leading to late reporting and inadequate


  • Cumulatively, 305 cholera cases have been reported, of which 51 were cholera RDT positive with 29 testing culture positives at the National Reference Laboratory in Juba. One of the RDT positive cases died giving 0.33% case fatality rate (CFR).

  • Since the last update in week 29, a total of three new cases have been reported of which one was RDT Positive.

  • All three new cases were on short stay within 24hrs. Zero cases in admission in cholera treatment units as of 31 July 2022.

  • A cumulative of 299 samples were collected since outbreak and only 29 samples were positive for Vibrio cholerae on culture.

  • Overall, 0-4yrs are mostly affected with 108 (35.4%) of the 305 cases reported; 185 (60.7%) are females, and males account for 120 (39.3%). Among the female case patients, 20-49yrs is the most affected age group accounting for 65 (21.3%), followed by 0-4yrs with 48 (15.3%). While among the male case patients, 0-4yrs is the most affected age group with 60 (19.7%) followed by 20-49yrs with 21 (6.9%).

  • Vaccinated cases accounted for 101 (33.1 %), unvaccinated accounted for 132 (43.3%) and 72 (23.6%) have unknown vaccination status. The vaccinated cases are among the following age groups: 20-49 years accounts for 36 (35.6%); 0-4 years 25 (24.8%); ≥50 years accounts for 17(16.8%); 10-14 years 15(14.9%); 5-9 years 6 (5.9%) and 15-19 years accounts for the least with 2 (2.0%).

  • 271 (88.9%) of the cases are reported from the Bentiu ID Camp, while 34(11.1%) are from three locations outside of the IDP Camp.