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WFP Central African Republic Country Brief, June 2022

République centrafricaine
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In Numbers

1,480 mt of food assistance distributed

USD 1.9 m cash-based transfers made

USD 67 m six-month (July – December 2022) net funding requirements

437,302 people assisted in June 2022

Operational Updates

• WFP delivers food and nutrition assistance through its general food distributions (GFD), school feeding, nutrition, resiliencebuilding activities in the Central African Republic (CAR). In June, out of the total 437,302 people assisted, 52 percent were internally displaced persons (IDPs) and returnees, while 48 percent were residents.

• General food distributions: 296,944 people received unconditional food assistance or cash transfers in June 2022.
WFP in CAR is facing a scarcity of in-kind resources, leading to the distribution of half rations in all general food distribution activities.

• Nutrition: Due to the lack of funding and shortage of nutritional products in CAR, no WFP activity for the prevention of acute malnutrition was implemented in June 2022. Temporary interruption in the production of ready-to-use supplementary food products impacted WFP’s moderate acute malnutrition (MAM) treatment activities. WFP partially replaced it with 21 mt of fortified blended foods and provided nutritional support to 3,577 children with MAM aged 6-59 months, pregnant and lactating women and girls (PLW/Girls) and anti-retroviral treatment (ART) clients.

• School feeding: In June, 68,806 school children (120 percent of the prioritized plan) received nutritious school meals through WFP’s operation. In crisis-affected areas, 23,546 school children received emergency school meals (124 percent of prioritized). A pilot programme to integrate smallholder agricultural market support - food assistance for asset – with school feeding is being developed in Paoua. June marked the end of the school feeding activities for the 2021-2022 school year, during which 586 mt of food were distributed to 143,413 school children.

• Resilience and livelihoods: 44,429 people received food assistance for asset creation (FFA) through USD 255,034 transferred and 21 mt of food in June 2022. To cope with the lack of resources for the cash-based transfer (CBT) programmes, the amount monthly received was reduced to USD 20 for 10 working days (initial amount: USD 30 for 15 working days).

• Cash-based transfers scale-up: WFP will scale-up the cashbased transfers (CBT) modality for general food distributions and food assistance for assets to cope with current gaps and challenges in food supplies. The scale-up is planned for July – November 2022 and WFP will target almost 665,000 people, with nine cooperating partners. It will be funded with USD 35 million. WFP is working on extending CBT vouchers directly to 2,229 malnourished people living with HIV on antiretroviral therapy in July - September 2022 in Bangui and Bria.