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Common Feedback Platform: Monthly Camp Report (June 2022)

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The Common Feedback Platform (CFP) is an inter-agency community feedback mechanism within the Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh Rohingya response. It is a system through which affected communities can raise challenges regarding programs, services, or the associated humanitarian response. Information from the system and anonymized data from different organizations is combined on a monthly basis to produce outputs that are shared between partners.

Information within the CFP is collected and referred according to standards developed with Sectors and the Communication with Communities Working Group (CwC WG). As per the Accountability Manifesto and CFP Referral Guidance, Site Management (SM) agencies collect and refer data between sectors at the camp level according to agreed-upon data standards.

This report is produced by Needs and Population Monitoring (NPM). For more information, please contact:

For further information regarding the CFP or the CFP App, please contact:

*Only camps with a substantial number of tickets have a dedicated page of analysis.