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Information Sheet on Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Activities - IOM Nepal

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Policy and Programs (Institutionalization of DRRM)

In the process of replacing the Natural Calamity Relief Act of 1982 with a new Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Act 2017, IOM Nepal provided technical support to the Government of Nepal. IOM conducted a detailed capacity and needs assessment of 14 municipalities in relation to the implementation of the DRRM Act 2017 and in line with the provisions of the Constitution of Nepal. Through the assessment, IOM generated a baseline on needs and capacity gaps that guided the technical support to municipal and provincial governments.

IOM also supported the establishment of the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Authority (NDRRMA). To mainstream DRRM into provincial plans and policies, Provincial Planning Commissions (PPC) are technically supported, and a series of strategic consultative meetings have been held with the Members of Parliament (MPs) of the Provincial Assembly as well as the PDMC members and MoIAL staff.

Consultations were held with MPs at the Federal and Provincial Level were conducted on the roles of MPs on mainstreaming DRRM into law making process. The consultations reached 284 (209 males and 75 females) MPs at Federal and Provincial Assembly