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Economic Inclusion of Ukrainian Refugees in Poland

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Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) began its emergency response in Poland on the 7th of March 2022 in response to the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine on the 24th of February 2022. Currently, NRC is working exclusively with Polish partners across a number of sectors. In cooperation with the City of Warsaw and the Polish Centre for International Aid (PCPM), NRC opened the transit site at the East Warsaw train station. As of writing, the site has supported over 29,000 refugees since opening on the 26th of March 2022. In addition, NRC provides education activities in collaboration with Centre for Citizenship Education (CEO), Children's University Fund (CUF) and GPAS Praga. With CEO and CUF, NRC is providing technical support to schools and teachers with NRC's Better Learning Programme. With GPAS Praga, NRC is supporting recreational activities at the East Warsaw transit site and in reception centres in and around Warsaw. NRC also supports the Legal Bar Association who provide quality and timely information, counselling and legal assistance to refugees and other populations of concern. NRC has also provided multi-purpose cash assistance with its partner PCPM in Lublin, Warsaw, and Gdansk. In order to support refugees facing protracted stays in Poland and given the critical importance of securing income for those facing prolonged displacement, NRC has undertaken this scoping exercise to analyse services available to Ukrainians and to identify how NRC, and others, can support Ukrainians to access the labour market.