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Radio Ergo audience feedback report, 22 July 2022

Radio Ergo
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Brief Analysis

Concern over persistent drought conditions and growing economic hardships dominated the feedback from callers to Radio Ergo’s call-in platform this week (14-20 July 2022). The biggest number of such calls came from Togdher, Puntland, Galgadud, and parts of the south. Many wanted aid, and many feared the loss of their livestock. Strong disruptive winds were reported in parts of Togdher and Puntland. Rainfall was celebrated by some callers notably in Kismayo and parts of Galgadud. The following summarises the calls by theme.

Drought and water shortage – callers in various parts of Togdher complained about severe drought and water shortage. Callers in Dadmaren and Warder spoke of strong winds exacerbating the dryness. A caller in Faqayub said the youth also had no jobs. They called for help or aid. In Sanag, a caller in El-Iled said the situation for livestock and people was becoming dire. Others said there had been a heavy toll on their animals. A caller in Ainabo, Sool, said they had arrived there two months ago from Qoryalle, Togdher, but all the vegetation had now gone and they needed water and fodder aid. Several people in Nugal and other parts of Puntland said drought was affecting their livestock and they needed food and water aid. Strong winds were also cited. A caller in Kalebeyr, Bari, said they had migrated there due to drought and were living in makeshift shelters after all their livestock died. Among callers from Galgadud, a caller in Abudwak said they were unable to bear the rise in food prices. A female caller in Adado called for help from FAO to stem locust invasions. Another in Dusamareb said locust invasions had come on top of the drought and water shortage. A female caller in Guriel said they had lost all their livestock and believed the Galmudug government had mismanaged funds. In Lan-dowdowle, one caller said they were badly affected by water shortage whilst another said they had rain but it was now decreasing. Several callers in Beletweyne cited water shortage and need for aid. In Bardera, Gedo, a caller said livestock and people were losing lives to the drought.

Livestock – livestock owners had questions for the Radio Vet about diseases affecting goats and camels. A caller in Sool said they needed help with water and with livestock treatment. A female caller in Dusamareb said their goats were sick but they had no vets or clinics in the area. Another female caller in War-Isse, M. Shabelle, said their animals were dying and they needed veterinary help. A caller in Dinsor said they needed veterinary medicines to treat their animals.

Rainfall – a caller in Galgadud said two days of rainfall has helped grow some fodder for the livestock. Some callers in parts of Shabelle areas said their crops had started to grow with the rainfall. Several in Kismayo welcomed rainfall, although there was concern over rising prices and cost of living.