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Serbia sends humanitarian aid to Somalia and Sao Tome and Principe

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Govt. Serbia
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Belgrade, 21 July 2022

The Serbian government adopted today amendments to the decision on the temporary ban on export of Euro diesel EN 590, by which it is extended for seven more days, given that the energy crisis on the world market is still ongoing, as well as the possibility of a critical shortage of this commodity, which is very important for Serbian citizens.

The government made a decision to send humanitarian aid in goods and foodstuffs to the Federal Republic of Somalia in the value of RSD 39,886,787.60 and to the Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe in the value of RSD 25,366,000, in view of the shortages of many products caused by severe draughts in these countries.

This decision represents a confirmation of the policy of improving humanitarian activities of Serbia on the global level and deepening interstate relations and cooperation with these states.

The Conclusion on the adoption of the National programme for the adoption of the acquis of the European Union (NPAA) from 2022 to 2025 was passed, which ensures the respect and fulfilment of obligations from the process of negotiations on the accession of Serbia to the European Union in the part related to the planning of remaining harmonisation of the legislation with the EU acquis.

This document represents a clear overview of obligations that stem from the process of accession negotiations and the harmonisation of legislation, and at the same time enables an insight into the current situation with negotiation clusters and chapters in line with the current methodology.

This document has been prepared jointly by the relevant ministries, special organisations and offices of the Serbian government, as well as other institutions which are part of the coordination system regulated by the government’s Decision on the formation of the Coordination for the process of negotiations on the accession of the Republic of Serbia to the European Union and the Team for support to the negotiations, all in line with the guidelines of the chief negotiator – the Minister for European Integration.