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Uganda Multi-Hazard Infographic - Response/DRR Platform (Published 12 July 2022)

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June 2022 observations

  • There has been a notable reduction in extreme weather events as the MAM rainy season came to an end. Hailstorms/windstorms and fires were the reported hazardous events in June 2022.

  • A total of 2,970 individuals were affected, representing 1,740 households. 966 individuals from 161 households were internally displaced by disasters.

  • Adults (19-64) were the most affected population group (66%), followed by children under 18 (25%) and the elderly above 64 (9%).

  • The most pressing needs are health, shelter, education and non food items.

  • So far in 2022, 68,366 individuals have been affected by disasters, representing 13,108 households. A total of 5,315 individuals representing 2,563 households have been internally displaced.

  • Across most bimodal areas, the March to May rainy season started late, and cumulative rainfall to date has been significantly below average in the northern and eastern regions and parts of the central region. Given this, first season crop production is expected to be below average at the national level, with northern and eastern areas likely to experience the worst production losses.