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Mozambique | Presence of Partners and Protection Services (5W) & Monthly Factsheet (5W) - May 2022

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The map shows only reported locations of reported activities that are on-going or completed for the month of May 2022.



FHI360 facilitated a psychological first aid training conducted to 40 staffs (21 Men; 19 Women) from disabled organiza-tion.

UNHCR partner HelpCode continued systematic protection monitoring activities in Mueda district, Cabo Delgado, inter- viewing a total of 1,247 displaced households to better understand their protection needs and to continue enhancing evidence-based and data driven protection responses.

With the support of UNHCR and AVSI carried out with Protection FP, sensitization campaign in Metuge and Pemba with the aim of raising the awareness of the local community on human rights reaching 279 people (129 M,144 F)

IOM Protection-MHPSS identified 47 individuals (adolescents and adults) in need of civil documentation in Meconta. The individuals were referred to SDSMAS and are being followed up.

IOM Protection-MHPSS identified six UASCs in Meconta and referred to SDSMAS for family reunification and child protection service provision.

IOM Protection-MHPSS identified one case of female headed household who lives with her 6 children, had her house completely damaged and subsequently burned down, was referred to SDSMAS; one case of an elderly identified and referred to SDSMAS for basic survival allowance; and one case of a child with mental disorders identified and referred to SDMAS for medical support. All cases are being followed up

IOM Protection-MHPSS identified 13 children in need of civil documentation in Montepuez, that were referred to SDSMAS and are being followed up.

IOM Protection-MHPSS identified and referred 10 elderly to SDSMAS to reintegration subsidy Montepuez and the cases are being followed up.