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Operational Update: 18 Countries Receive Aid, Including Ukraine

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Direct Relief
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By Maeve O'Connor

Over the past seven days, Direct Relief delivered 330 shipments of requested medical aid to 40 U.S. states and territories and 18 countries worldwide, including Ukraine.

The shipments contained 9.8 million defined daily doses of medication, including mental health medications, antibiotics, chronic disease medications, nutritional products, insulin, and cancer treatments.


Since February 24, Direct Relief has provided medical aid weighing more than 1.5 million pounds, or 750 tons, with more on the way. Over the past seven days, shipments including cardiovascular medications, insulin, and antibiotics departed Direct Relief’s warehouse in California, bound for Ukraine.

This week, 52 tons of critical medical aid transported by FedEx arrived safely in Warsaw, Poland, for distribution to health facilities in Ukraine. Aid aboard the FedEx Express Boeing 777 cargo aircraft included substantial quantities of emergency medicines and supplies, including health kits, trauma and wound care items, chronic disease and chemical exposure medications, and antibiotics. All items were provided at the request of, and approved by, Ukraine’s Ministry of Health and local Ukrainian organizations.



This week, outside the U.S., Direct Relief shipped more than 9.1 million defined daily doses of medication.

Countries that received medical aid over the past week included:

Ukraine Uganda Syria Ecuador Guatemala Yemen Morocco India