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Nigeria mVAM Bulletin — Countrywide - June 2022 — Lean Season Food Security Outlook

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Key points

Over 29% of households in Nigeria have inadequate food consumption at the start of the lean season. This marks a two percentage point increase compared to last year.

The northeastern and northwestern states show significantly higher levels of deprivation and vulnerability in terms of food consumption, coping and nonmonetary poverty.

In June around 66% of cultivating households have some food stocks remaining. However for most households stock will not last longer than one month. Food consumption is therefore expected to worsen over the coming months.


As per the last Cadre Harmonise, about 19.5 million people are projected to be in crisis or worse levels of acute food insecurity in Nigeria during the lean season, of which 1.2 million will be in emergency food insecurity. Prospect of localized below-average harvests, high food, fuel & fertilizer prices, macroeconomic challenges and insecurity are likely to further aggravate acute food-insecurity levels1 .