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UNHCR Türkiye 2021 Operational Highlights

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  • Türkiye is home to the world’s largest refugee population, 3.6 million of whom are Syrian under temporary protection and over 330,000 are international protection beneficiaries or applicants.
  • Over 98% of refugees in Türkiye live among the host community and less than 2% in Temporary Accommodation Centres operated by the Presidency of Migration Management (PMM).
  • Türkiye’s refugee response is based on a comprehensive legal framework, in particular the Law on Foreigners and International Protection (2013) and the Temporary Protection Regulation (2014). UNHCR supports PMM in the implementation of the Law and Temporary Protective Regulation.
  • UNHCR implements its activities combining support to public institutions for inclusion and quality service delivery for persons under temporary and international protection as well as the host community, while undertaking its role in assisting refugees in need and promoting self-reliance and social cohesion.
  • UNHCR leads a coordinated and principled refugee response through the Regional Refugee and Resilience Plan (3RP) for the Syria situation and the UN Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework process (UNSDCF).
  • In 2021, UNHCR continued to work through the COVID-19 pandemic providing direct assistance to vulnerable refugee and host community populations while maintaining its support to public institutions through the provision of human resources and material and technical support. UNHCR also worked closely with municipalities and local authorities to strengthen community mobilisation and promote social cohesion.