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The World Bank Group in Chad, Fiscal Years 2010–20: Country Program Evaluation

World Bank
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Chad is one of the world’s lowest-income countries and has been considered a fragile state since the World Bank introduced the classification in 2006. This Country Program Evaluation (CPE) seeks to assess the World Bank Group’s development effectiveness in Chad over the past decade within a context of high fragility and extreme poverty. It reviews the relevance and effectiveness of Bank Group support and draws lessons to inform the design and implementation of the Bank Group’s next partnership strategy with Chad.

The evaluation responds to the following questions:

  • To what extent did the Bank Group–supported strategy address Chad’s most binding development constraints, including its drivers of fragility?
  • How effective was Bank Group support in responding to, implementing, and adapting to evolving development needs in the country?
  • How effectively did the Bank Group coordinate with other development partners and stakeholders during the design and implementation of its partnership strategies in Chad to enhance program relevance, coherence, and impact?