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WFP Tajikistan Country Brief, May 2022

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In Numbers

442,348 people assisted in May 2022

952.364 mt of food assistance distributed

US$ 8.8 m six months net funding requirements (Jun-Nov 22)

Operational Updates

• In May, the British Ambassador to Tajikistan, Tim Jones visited Vakhsh, Jaloliddini Balkhi, and Yovon districts of Khatlon Region and saw first-hand the School Feeding Programme implemented by WFP in the region. In his meetings with WFP and the education authorities of Khatlon, the Ambassador learned about how parents, schools and, the local government are coming together to ensure the sustainability of the programme. The Ambassador also visited a bakery in Yovon district, one of eight bakeries in Khatlon and Sughd regions renovated or constructed by WFP and the private sector. The Ambassador’s visit was preceded by the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) of the Government of the United Kingdom Development Director for Central Asia, Mirza Jahani’s visit to schools in Ayni district, Sughd Region. In 2021, FCDO contributed £1 million in funding to school feeding in Tajikistan. Continued donor engagement and funding are critical to sustaining the School Feeding Programme, which provides regular nutritious meals to 450,000 students in grades 1-4 in 2,000 schools across the country.

• To improve coordination between communities, regional and district authorities, to deal with issues related to education, health, nutrition and promote the implementation of state policies in the field of school feeding, members of the National InterMinisterial Coordination Council on the School Feeding visited selected schools in Khatlon Region. The objective of the visit was to observe the school feeding processes in schools as well as to meet with local government and the board of the regional, town and district Intersectoral Coordination Council on the School Feeding to enhance collaboration for the implementation of the School Feeding Programme.
Following this visit, the Regional Intersectoral Coordination Council on the School Feeding convened for a meeting to review the implementation course of the programme in the region.