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Uganda: Joint Monitoring Report in Refugee Hosting Districts, October 2021

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The Joint Monitoring Report provides an analysis of the health sector performance in respect to refugee health focusing on quality of serviced delivery, level of integration of refugee health in the public health system, access to essential health care by host communities, challenges and mitigation measures to address them.

The finding and challenges identified are based on the health systems building blocks that describe the health system according to WHO framework, categorized under the HSIRRP as strategic interventions in line with the National Health Policy and Ministry of Health Strategic Plan. These building blocks include; Service delivery, Medical products, vaccines and technologies, health workforce, health information systems, health systems financing and leadership and governance. There has been overall improvement in the integration of refugee health services as well as the quality of health services however there is strong need for multi-sectoral coordination.

The Recommendations made from the Joint Monitoring Report focus on reprogramming community-based delivery systems and strengthening the medicines supply chain to ensure proper quantification, timely procurement, redistribution, prepositioning and management of medicines and medical supplies.