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Ukraine: Government's Shelter Requirements for Education Establishments [EN/UK]

Govt. Ukraine
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About the organization of shelter of workers and children in educational Institutions State Service of Ukraine for Emergencies on items 1 and 8 of the order of the Prime Minister of Ukraine dated 10.06.2022 NQ 14529/0 / 1-22 on creating safe living conditions in educational institutions for children, pupils, students and workers taking into account the armed aggression of the Russian federation (hereinafter - the order) reports. In order to bring the fund of protective structures of civil protection of educational institutions ready for use as intended, the creation of commissions for inspection (evaluation) of buildings (structures, premises) of educational institutions to determine their possibility of use as simple shelters, as well as other related In this regard, the SES has developed recommendations for the organization of shelter in the facilities of the protective structures of civil protection of staff and children (pupils, students) of educational institutions. These recommendations have been prepared taking into account the requirements of the legislation and the experience of organizing the protection of the population in the context of repelling the armed aggression of the Russian Federation. The SES proposes to bring these recommendations to the heads of educational institutions of all levels, departmental affiliation and forms of ownership, as well as to ensure the use of these recommendations in the organization and conduct of relevant work.