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Flash Update #1 on Monsoon Response of 16 June 2022, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

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(Report reflects cumulative information since 6 June unless otherwise specified)

Between 6-16 June 2022, Cox’s Bazar has experienced over 192 mm of rainfall – with 72 mm on 8 June alone. Rains are expected to continue in the week ahead.


  • Shelter/Non-Food Items: Since the beginning of the heavy rains this year (May 15th) emergency shelter assistance was provided following damages from monsoon rains, winds and storms. Following technical assessment, a total of 6,879 (1,229 families in the week 6-16 June) affected families were provided with materials including bamboo, tarpaulins, rope and jute bags to assist with shelter repair. Out of those, 761 extremely vulnerable families were provided with additional assistance of home deliveries of shelter materials and/or received labor support to repair their shelters.