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‘We All’ Have Duty to End Displacement, Secretary-General Says in Video Message for Launch of Action Agenda, Urges Action by States, Civil Society

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Following is the text of UN Secretary-General António Guterres’ video message for the launch of the Action Agenda on International Displacement, held today:

Our world is facing a crisis of internal displacement. Record high numbers of people around the world have been displaced within their countries by tragedies such as conflict, disasters and the climate crisis. Many have been uprooted for years, even decades, and often multiple times. Others have been forced to flee more recently.

In just three months, the war in Ukraine drove 13 million people out of their homes and communities, nearly two thirds of whom remain in Ukraine. All of us have a duty to help find lasting solutions to the plight of internally displaced persons.

Today I am launching an Action Agenda on Internal Displacement. Building on the recommendations of the High-Level Panel on Internal Displacement, the Action Agenda has three key objectives: First, to help internally displaced persons find durable solutions; second, to better prevent future displacement crises; and third, to ensure stronger protection and assistance for those currently facing displacement.

Let me be clear: the duty to end displacement lies first and foremost with Governments. However, we all have a responsibility to act. The plight of internally displaced persons is more than a humanitarian issue. It takes an integrated approach — combining development, peacebuilding, human rights, climate action and disaster risk reduction efforts.

The Action Agenda sets out clear commitments for the United Nations system. I urge Member States, civil society and international financial institutions to do their part to help drive change. Together, we can ease human suffering and deliver a better future for internally displaced persons around the world. Thank you.

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