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Ukraine Situation Regional Refugee Response Plan - Summary and Inter-Agency Funding Requirements for Bulgaria (March - August 2022)

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The Regional RRP

The inter-agency Regional Refugee Response Plan (RRP) outlines the comprehensive response and activities to support countries’ efforts to protect and assist refugees, and other persons in need of humanitarian aid, coming from Ukraine.
It includes the financial requirements of partners in all countries involved (including UN agencies, national and international non-governmental organizations and civil society) covering the period from March to December 2022, working in tandem with concerned host Governments.


More than 102,000 Ukrainian refugees currently remain in Bulgaria as of 18 May 2022 --- the majority of whom are women and children --- in need of life-saving assistance to cover basic needs, as well as access to health, childcare, education and social support, and systematic protection services including response and prevention of gender-based violence and violence against children, provision of psycho-social support, and legal counseling. Refugees are significantly vulnerable, with heightened risks of family separation, trafficking, sexual exploitation, and abuse.

In Bulgaria, RRP partners are supporting government-led efforts through a multisectoral approach focusing, among others, on protection, reception/accommodation and distribution of material assistance for the most vulnerable groups and for individuals with specific needs. The response is identifying and addressing refugees’ needs, taking into account considerations related to age, gender and diversity, in particular given the high numbers of women and children.
This summary of the inter-agency RRP response in Bulgaria presents the needs analysis and response priorities, as well as the financial requirements of partners, which are an integral part of the Regional RRP under the other countries’ response chapter.