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North-West Syria: Protection Analysis Update, June 2022

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Over a decade of sustained conflict, protracted and multiple displacements, violations of international humanitarian and human rights laws, and endemic violence have led to an acute protection crisis in North-West Syria (NWS). The continuing impact of conflict has depleted the resources and capacity for resilience of the 4.4 million individuals living in this area of Syria. The vast majority of the region’s population were forcibly displaced to the North-West because of conflict in other parts of Syria. They are now trapped by a border wall and conflict frontlines, unable to escape the extreme violence and poverty that have become part of everyday life in the North-West.

Insufficient access, inadequate funding, and limitations of the operational environment have severely compromised the ability of humanitarians to deliver critical lifesaving aid into the region. What this looks like in practice is widespread food insecurity, little to no access to education for a generation of children, very limited coverage of specialized protection services, and extremely limited health care, including mental health and psychosocial support. As people are increasingly forced to resort to negative coping mechanisms given the lack of the very basics, protection risks are further compounded.
This report, highlighting the protection risks in NWS, is part of a series of regional Whole of Syria Protection Analysis Updates (PAUs).