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WFP Bolivia Country Brief May 2022

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In Numbers

USD 2.4 m (Jun–November 2022) net funding requirements, representing 66% of total

Operational Updates

• WFP is conducting an emergency response operation in the southern region of Bolivia assisting more than 500 families of smallholder farmers with productive assets such as irrigation channels, water tanks, and traditional water wells started to be rehabilitated or built by Indigenous communities in the municipality of Entre Ríos (department of Tarija). The cash distribution will begin in June. The productive assets will make local families more resilient for the next rainy season, expected in November. Most of them are Guaraní Indigenous people who lost their livelihoods, houses, and their belongings because of floods and landslides that occurred last February.

• Based on a participatory community planning, WFP finalized the operations plan to support the Uru Murato and Uru Chipaya Indigenous peoples in the Oruro department. Activities related to institutional coordination and logistics were also defined. WFP is planning the implementation of activities to start in July, which include the rehabilitation and building of productive assets such as irrigation channels and traditional water wells which will increase the resilience of Indigenous families against climate change.

• In May, COVID-19 cases increased from a weekly average of 90 at the beginning of the month to 156 at the end.