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Ukraine Situation: Regional Refugee Response Plan - Summary and Inter-Agency Funding Requirements for the Czech Republic (March - December 2022)

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The Regional RRP

The Inter-Agency Regional Refugee Response Plan (RRP) outlines the comprehensive response and activities to support countries’ efforts to protect and assist refugees, and other persons in need of humanitarian aid, coming from Ukraine. It includes the financial requirements of partners—including UN agencies, national and international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and civil society actors—in all countries involved, covering the period from March to December 2022 and working in tandem with concerned host Governments.

Czech Republic It is estimated that as of 02 May 2022, over 322,000 refugees arrived in the Czech Republic (equivalent to 3% of the country’s population of 10.2 million) since the Russian military invasion of Ukraine began. More refugees are expected to arrive if the hostilities continue. While the Czech Republic is not a neighboring country to Ukraine, it is one of the key destinations given the large Ukrainian diaspora (estimated at 200,000 prior to the Russian invasion to Ukraine) as well as the favorable job market. Amongst the current refugee population, almost half are children, and four-fifths of adults are women. Most refugees register in the capital city of Prague, placing a significant strain on existing services, in particular health and education.

In the Czech Republic, RRP partners will support government-led efforts through a multisectoral approach focusing, among others, on protection, reception/accommodation and distribution of material assistance for the most vulnerable groups and for individuals with specific needs. The response will identify and address refugees’ needs, taking into account considerations related to age, gender and diversity, particularly given the high numbers of women and children.

This summary of the Inter-Agency RRP in the Czech Republic presents the needs analysis and response priorities, as well as the financial requirements of partners, which are an integral part of the Regional RRP under the “Other Countries Summary” chapter.