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Minimum Expenditure Basket in Malawi - Rounds 56: 01 - 06 June 2022 - A look at Food and Non-Food Prices and Availability in Times of COVID-19

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Key Highlights

  • The Survival Minimum Expenditure Baskets (SMEBs) increased to record highs across all regions of the country, with expenditure for urban-based households in particular, sharply rising since the previous round.

  • The SMEB rose by 10.3 percent in urban areas; 0.6 percent in the rural Northern Region; 2.9 percent in the Central Region; and 3.5 percent in the rural Southern Region. Although prices of most essential goods remained high but relatively stable in rural areas, in urban areas, prices of those goods rose sharply. As a general trend, maize and green vegetable prices rose in all regions of the country.

  • The average price of maize grain increased to MK 214 per kg as of the first week of June 2022. This price increment signifies a 6.5 percent increase from a May average price of MK 201 per kg. This comes at a time when maize harvesting is completed in most parts of the country. The price was expected to be decreasing during this period, owing to the increased supply of maize from the harvests.

  • The price of beans dropped further to MK 1,206 per kg, representing a 0.7 percent decrease since the May data. The increased stock supplies from this year’s harvest likely resulted in this drop.

  • The price of both cowpeas and pigeon peas eased by 2.6 percent and 1.7 percent, respectively, since the last round of data collection in May 2022.
    The price of cowpeas decreased to MK 794 per kg, while that of pigeon peas further reduced to MK 766 per kg.