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Inter-agency Operational Update - Slovakia, as of 22 June 2022

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Confronted with the largest refugee emergency in its history, Slovakia has responded with generosity and solidarity, moving quickly to establish a temporary protection status under domestic law and mobilizing authorities at all levels along with civil society, private sector actors, volunteers, and local communities to receive refugees and support them in meeting their needs. Just over 517,000 arrivals from Ukraine have crossed into Slovakia since the war began and over 79,000 refugees have applied for temporary protection status here. The Government of Slovakia (GoS) has assumed strong leadership of the refugee response, with important support from civil society, the private sector, volunteers, and international organizations. UNHCR helps the Government coordinate humanitarian actors via the Refugee Coordination Forum for the Slovak Republic (RCF), which includes sector-specific working groups aligned with the national response.

The Regional Refugee Response Plan (RRP) contributes to a “whole-of-society” response in support of refugees from Ukraine as well as the people and governments of host countries, and is specifically designed to complement the GoS’ clear leadership. The Slovakia chapter involves 21 partners comprising financial requirements of USD 91.9M through December 2022.

The RCF brings together a still broader group of stakeholders now operating in the country – including the GoS, civil society, refugee-led initiatives, donor countries, the private sector, the UN, and other international organizations to ensure a harmonized and effective response. The 5W tool is designed to identify RCF partners and their activities, and will continue to be updated as the response evolve