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Local solutions: Improving quality of life and mitigating migration risks in Northern Central America, Mexico and the US border

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Save the Children
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8.3 M people in need of humanitarian assistance in Northern Central America

128,000 unaccompanied children detained in 2021


5.16 M people

1.7 M children

For decades, complex structural social and economic factors, as well as environmental degradation, have been deteriorating the living conditions of children and their families in Northern Central America: El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua and Mexico.

These causes drive thousands of children and their families to migrate north, mainly to the United States (U.S.). Although migration to the U.S. is a historical phenomenon, the number of migrants from Northern Central America and Mexico has increased significantly in recent years.

Save the Children has been a key actor in the response to the continuous crisis in the region, contributing to miঞgate the root causes of migraঞon, attending to the pressing needs of migrants and assuming a leading role within regional humanitarian spaces.

Between 2016 and 2021, we reached more than 13.6M people, including 8.7M children in Northern Central America and Mexico, with interventions that seek to ensure access to education, protection, health, improve living conditions and build resilience.