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Newly Arrived Syrian Refugee Households in Bardarash Camp Bardarash District, Ninewa, Iraq (March 2022)

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Situation Overview

When Turkish airstrikes in Northeast Syria (NES) escalated in December 2021, the conflict and accompanying humanitarian crisis in Syria resulted in further internal displacement, as well as movement into the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KR-I).
With 248,404 refugees registered with UNHCR as of January 2022, the local authorities are concerned about their ability to host additional households (HH).
In response to the increase in cross-border displacement, REACH Initiative conducted an assessment among Syrian refugee households who arrived in KR-I since December 2021 and were relocated to the Bardarash refugee camp.
As of April 2022, Bardarash refugee camp hosted 4,009 Syrian refugees. To enhance the understanding of living conditions of Syrian refugee households in Iraq and inform subsequent programming, household demographics, displacement history, intentions, as well as reported needs and vulnerabilities were assessed.