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Earthquake in Afghanistan: Assessment teams already in affected areas in Khost

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Johanniter and its partner HADAAF have been providing medical care to Pakistani refugees and Afghan communities in Khost province for years.

Kabul / Berlin - A massive earthquake measuring 5.9 on the Richter scale hit the three eastern provinces of Paktika, Paktia and Khost last night. So far, around 920 casualties have been reported. "This number will definitely increase, as the region is very mountainous and difficult to access," says Naeem Shah, Johanniter Head of Mission in Afghanistan.

Johanniter, together with its partner HADAAF, has been providing medical assistance to the residents of Khost province and the Pakistani refugees living there in Gulan Camp. HADAAF has already sent assessment teams to the affected areas in Khost. "Fortunately, no casualties or damage have been reported from Gulan Camp," Shah said. "However, teams are reporting dead and injured to us from the surrounding villages." For example, in Spera district, about 2 ½ hours drive from Gulan Camp, 25 people have died and 95 have been injured. "We have mobile clinics present in the area and can be quickly sent to the affected areas to provide emergency medical care," promises the Pakistani-born Johanniter. We are also looking into providing assistance in Paktika and Paktia.


Johanniter has been working in Afghanistan for 20 years, implementing medical projects in Kabul, Badghis and Khost together with its partners. In Khost, for example, the main health station is operated in the Gulan Camp. In addition, three mobile clinics provide care for the host communities. Every month, more than 9,000 medical consultations are carried out and between 30 and 40 children are born in the clinic.

Note to Editors Naeem Shah, Johanniter Head of Mission in Afghanistan, is available for interviews.