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South Sudan Cholera Outbreak Situation Report: No. 007 (19 June 2022)

Soudan du Sud
Govt. South Sudan
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Highlights as of 19 June 2022

• 34 new cholera cases (including 4 RDT positive cases) reported from Bentiu IDP camp.

• Zero new deaths reported.

• Zero case on admission in Bentiu IDP as of 19 June 2022.

• 212 cholera cases including one death have been reported cumulatively.

• 36 RDT positive cases of whom, 15 tested culture positive.

• First round of oral cholera vaccination campaign in Juba ended on 19 June 2022.

• Two new areas (Roraik and Pariang) have reported confirmed RDT positive cases.

Situations update as of 19 June 2022

• Since the last update in week 23 (ending 12 June), 34 new cholera cases have been reported to national level during week 24 with four (4) testing positive on RDT, while 3 cases were also reported retrospectively during the same reporting period for previous week.

• During week 23 (ending 19 June 2022), line lists were received from IOM, World Relief, IRC designated facilities in Bentiu IDP Camp, while reports were not received from CASS, CORDAID, and MSF facilities.

• The current transmission remains sporadic, but the risk of transmission to at-risk counties is very high due to population movements, presence of IDPs, persistent flooding, low access to safe water and sanitation.

• Cumulatively, 212 cholera cases have been reported, of which 36 were cholera RDT positive with 15 testing culture positive at the National Reference Laboratory in Juba. One of the RDT positive cases died giving 0.47% case fatality rate (CFR).

• Continuous increase in weekly caseload observed since the sharp reduction in the number of cases during week 20 with 34 cases being reported during week 24.

• Of the total cases reported, 129 (61%) are females, and males account for 83 (39%).

• Among the female case patients, 20-49yrs is the most affected age group accounting for 43 (33.3%), followed by 0-4yrs with 32 (24.8%).While among the male case patients, 0-4yrs is the most affected age group with 40(48.2%) followed by 20-49yrs with 14 (16.9%).

• Overall, 0-4yrs are mostly affected with 72 (34.0%) of the 212 cases reported.

• 177 (83.5%) of the cases are residents of Bentiu IDP Camp while 35 (16.5%) are from two communities outside the IDP camps; Sector 5 is the most affected location with 69 (32.5%) of the reported cases.

• Vaccinated cases account for 49(23.1%), not vaccinated accounts for 106(50.0%) and 57 (26.9%) have unknown vaccination status. The vaccinated cases are among the following age groups: 20-49 years 20 (40.8%); 10-14 years 11(22.4%); 0-4 years 8 (16.3%), ≥50 years accounts for the least with 7 (14.3%), 5-9 years 2(4.1%) and 15-19 years 1(2.0%).

• 73 (34.4%) of the reported cases were either admitted as severe cases (26) or admitted on short stay (47) withing 24hours. Zero case in admission as of 19 June 2022.