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Lebanon: Individual Case Management for Persons with Specific Needs - Standard Operating Procedures

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These Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) on Case Management for Persons with Specific Needs (PwSN) provide operational guidance to protection agencies on the minimum standards, principles, steps and procedures that need to be in place for an effective, individual-centered and right-based case management of PwSN. They seek to ensure a consistent, systematic, contextualized and harmonized approach towards case management programmes and interventions in Lebanon within the Protection sector.

These SOPs apply to PwSN at risk, as defined by the sector based on global guidance, who are in need of case management, and this across populations groups - including displaced Syrians, Palestine refugees, Lebanese host community members, but also refugees from other nationalities and migrants. They do not apply to children at risk and to survivors of Gender based violence (GBV) for whom specific guidelines have been developed under the national Child Protection Working Group and the national GBV Task Force.

These SOPs have been developed and reviewed by a Task force composed of specialized actors from the Protection sector Core Group +. They have been endorsed by the national PWG. These guidelines are complementary to and build on the learning from global standards and guidelines.